Logo for the Open Siddur Project, an open source digital humanities and collaborative publishing project making available the Public Domain and free-culture licensed creative content of Jewish spiritual practice.
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Hello Hungarian Wikisource users,‎

My name is Aharon Varady. I am an urban planner, environmental educator, and the founding director of the Open Siddur Project, an open source collaborative publishing project intent on digitizing the diverse corpus of Jewish liturgical and spiritual writings in every language they were composed in or translated into. This project is also helping to transcribe works in Hebrew, English, German, Yiddish, Romanian, Polish, Italian, Ladino, Farsi, and Arabic.‎

I'm looking forward to wikisource becoming our project's native environment for transcription and proofreading. To do this, I'm looking forward to improvements in Hebrew Wikisource's ProofreadPage interface, better support of BIDI text, support for the TEI XML encoding schema popular in the digital humanities, and use of open source OCR tools (hOCR, tesseract-OCR, etc.‎).‎